Concrete Grinding/Polishing

Do you have a mish mash of old floor system leftovers?  Paint on top of adhesives or mastics? Multiple layers of who knows what?  Or are you tired of the floor tile look, not interested in a resinous floor, looking for a fresh look- more of a cutting edge finish?  Concrete grinding might just be the answer for you.


At Forever Floors we grind concrete for a number of reasons.  We will use these machines for removing multiple layers of mastics, paint or the aforementioned “mish mash”.  After tile or carpet has been removed we will use this equipment to get down to the bare concrete and further.


After we have reached bare concrete if you are looking for a cutting edge finish we can use the same equipment to grind the concrete with finer and finer industrial diamonds to a point where we can actually make it shine- similar to the way granite or marble is polished!

If you have a floor you need to get back to bare concrete or want the latest- the look of polished concrete Call Forever Floors– We Do That!